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explore Japan!

In our explore Japan box, we introduce families and kids to basic information about the country and to the 9 key essential seasonings of traditional Japanese cuisine. Including in the box are 3 popular recipes.

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Recipe Cards

Sample our delicious salmon/chicken teriyaki dish. The word "teriyaki" is a combination of two words - "teri" / "tare" refers to the shine from the sugar glaze and "yaki" refers to the cooking method of grilling or broiling. Teriyaki is believed to have originated around the 17th century in Japan.

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Daily Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan you’ll find ways to incorporate history, literature, geography, cultural studies, art, music, and more as we take you on a multi-subject tour of Japan, all while enjoying delicious foods from the country known as Nippon.

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Activity Sheets

Each activity is about Japan and is related to a specific subject. You will find math, science, language arts/writing, and social studies.

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