Adventures in the eat2explore kitchen

Harvest Celebrations Around the World: Give Thanks!
Harvest time is celebrated all around the world in a variety of festivals. Let's explore harvest festivals near and far!
Let's Explore India's History And Culture!
Let's check out the amazing history of India and learn how to make naan bread!
Light The Dark During Diwali!
Come explore the legends of Diwali and celebrate the light!
Reducing Food Waste with eat2explore!
Come see all the ways we can help ease food insecurity as we Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!
Let's Explore Halloween Traditions Around The World!
Explore harvest and ancestor traditions from the UK, Mexico, the United States and more in this fun history of Halloween!
Go Nuts!! Celebrate National Nut Day!
Join us as we go around the world to explore nuts and celebrate National Nut Day!
Go Slow and Celebrate the Sloth!
Celebrate the sloth on International Sloth Day! Join us as we explore more about these amazing animals!
Let's Explore the History of South Korea!
Come along as we explore the history of the Korean peninsula to learn more about the amazing culture of South Korea!
Wishing You a Happy Chuseok! Celebrate the Korean Harvest Festival
As we head into fall, let's celebrate Chuseok, the Harvest Festival of South Korea!
Wat's For Dinner? All About Ethiopian Stew
Irresistible wat is the perfect dish for celebrations or just everyday family meals. We have three versions in our Ethiopia box!
Rosh Hashanah, The Jewish New Year
Let's take a look at Rosh Hashanah to learn more about the traditions of the Jewish New Year!
Let's Celebrate Enkutatash!
Time travel to Ethiopia to celebrate the New Year with delicious food and lovely daisies!
From Lucy to the Queen of Sheba and Beyond! The Ancient History of Ethiopia
Explore the ancient history of Ethiopia from the discovery of early hominids to the legend of the Queen of Sheba and her dynasty!
Star Anise On The Silk Road
Explore more about the spice star anise from our Singapore box and how it came from the East to the West!
In Search Of Water in Singapore
Find out how the island nation of Singapore gets fresh water!
International Left-Handers Day!
Let's celebrate left-handers! Even polar bears are joining the party!
Lion City to Modern Metropolis...Explore the History of Singapore!
Follow the interesting history of Singapore from the tale of Lion City and the adventures of Sir Raffles.
Amazing Avocados!
Let's travel around the world to learn more about the awesome, versatile avocado!
The Mystery of Machu Picchu in Peru
Let's explore the ancient Inca stronghold reclaimed from the jungle after 400 years!
Keen What? Quinoa! All About This Ancient Grain From The Andes
Explore the ancient history and cultivation of quinoa, the perfect addition to many dishes or excellent on its own!
Kids in the Kitchen! Young Chefs Right at Home During Culinary Arts Month!
National Culinary Arts  Month is a great time to explore your kitchen! Whip up a masterpiece of your own with a kit from eat2explore!