Our Adventures

Happy 2023 - Year of the Rabbit
Come along as we celebrate the Chinese New Year and explore the fascinating Year of the Rabbit!
Happy New Year Traditions!
All around the world, people celebrate the beginning of the New Year. Let's explore the traditions that accompany these celebrations!
Midsummer in Sweden
How would you celebrate after a long winter? With Midsommerstang, of course!
How to Make the Most of Your Family Time During School Breaks
By Joyce Wilson from teacherspark.org As parents, we absolutely love spending time with our kids – but once the kids start going to school full time, it becomes harder and harder to fit in that quality time. Still, that quality family time...
Ginger and Gingerbread Houses
Ever wonder who started the tradition of baking gingerbread houses? Let's find out!
Magical Festivals in Thailand
Come along as we explore some of the most popular festivals in Thailand!
All About Thailand
Let's explore the history and fun facts about Thailand!
Sneak Peek - Explore Thailand in a Week!

Here's a sneak preview of our online Explore Thailand lesson plan from your Explorer Toolkit! 

The Lost Art of Handwritten Letters
Let's explore how writing letters began and how you can continue this tradition!
Wishing You a Happy Chuseok! Celebrate the Korean Harvest Festival
As we head into fall, let's celebrate Chuseok, the Harvest Festival of South Korea!
Harvest Celebrations Around the World: Give Thanks!
Harvest time is celebrated all around the world in a variety of festivals. Let's explore harvest festivals near and far!
Sneak Peek - Explore France Lesson Plan!

Here's a sneak preview of our online Explore France lesson plan from your Explorer Toolkit! 

Light The Dark During Diwali!
Come explore the legends of Diwali and celebrate the light!
Rock On! Let's Explore Rock Art
From ancient cave paintings to rock carvings to massive figures covering many acres, rock art is a spectacular treasure left for us to discover!
Hooray For Winter Squash!
Explore winter squash! From the earliest known appearance of squash in North America to an exciting Mayan-inspired recipe, you'll learn plenty of fun facts about this versatile vegetable.
Harambee! Let's Explore The History of Kenya
Kenya has a rich and wonderful history. Let's explore the culture and some fun facts about this beautiful country!
Is It A Plantain Or A Banana? How Can You Tell?
Come along as we explore the similarities and the differences between plantains and bananas and share TWO bonus recipes!
Party With The Peruvians and Try Their Potatoes!
Explore the rich festivals of Peru and find out why potatoes are so important to the country!
Exploring the History of Brazil
Head south to explore the diverse history of Brazil and discover the global influence on this amazing country.
Rosh Hashanah, The Jewish New Year
Let's take a look at Rosh Hashanah to learn more about the traditions of the Jewish New Year!
A Piñata Full Of Good Wishes And Treats!
Explore the surprising origins of the piñata and try your hand at creating piñata cookies!