our story

The magic of eat2explore is the wonderful family memories that you are unlocking. We are all busy parents trying to spend more quality time with our family....Everyone needs to eat, why not making it a fun family activity while fulfilling your mealtime obligations.

our inspiration

Rowena started eat2explore for her children, Justin and Ashley, and other busy families like hers. Two years ago, during a family cooking class, she discovered that although Justin and Ashley love to travel and try different cuisines, they couldn’t even chop an onion!

She grew up cooking with her family back in Malaysia and those are some of her fondest memories. However, being a working mom juggling her kids’ busy schedules and still making sure dinner is on the table after work, she forgot the joy of taking a break and having fun cooking together as a family. She realized that there must be many more out there just like her – people who are missing this opportunity to create lasting memories all without leaving the home.

Mealtime should be an experience and cooking is a life-skill everyone should have! Since home economics is no longer part of the curriculum at school, hands-on cooking and culture explorations is even more important in today’s world.

our team

Rowena Scherer

Founder & President, Chef

accomplished financial executive & graduate of The French Culinary Institute and NYU Stern - Executive MBA

Tinka Shaw

Tinka Shaw

Business Development

accomplished fashion executive, co-founder of Greenfield Ice Cream (with 200+ outlets), and Columbia University MBA

Jake Stolarski

Jake Stolarski


accomplished financial executive & graduate of NYU - College of Arts & Science

Jennifer Ashton

Jennifer Ashton

Education Development

accomplished educator & graduate of University of Central Florida, University of Phoenix & PhD from Nova Southeastern University