Hello Explorers!

We’d love to tell you a little story about how eat2explore came to be! Our founder, Rowena, created eat2explore as an experiential way to teach her children world cultures and cooking skills. The inspiration came during a vacation cooking class when she discovered that although her kids loved to travel and taste different cuisines, they couldn’t even chop an onion!

You see, growing up in Malaysia, some of Rowena’s fondest memories were in the kitchen cooking with her family. It was during those moments that she developed her palate and sustainable consumption habits, as well as confidence and independence. But, after years working on Wall Street and living in fascinating places around the world, life became too busy for family meals. She realized she needed to start creating lasting memories at home, while also instilling the important life skills she learned as a child.

So, Rowena decided to take the things she treasures the most – family, food, travel, and education – and create an opportunity for all children to discover cuisines from around the world. Following her time at the French Culinary Institute, she began to source hard-to-find and nonperishable ingredients to highlight locally cherished foods. She also built a team of trusted educators around eat2explore to transform the cooking experience into an educational journey. The result is an explorer box filled with authentic recipes, activities, and collectibles that offer a one-of-a-kind, award-winning cultural education through food exploration.

Mealtime should be an experience! At eat2explore, we not only help you create a fun and educational experience, but we also feel it’s our duty to provide adventures that will spark a lifetime of memories with those you love.

  • Rowena Scherer

    Founder & President, Chef

    Accomplished financial executive & graduate of The French Culinary Institute and NYU Stern - Executive MBA.

  • Trisha Stein

    Head of Operations

    Extensive startup experience. Graduate of University of Delaware.

  • Philip Barrett & Phryl Team

    Marketing Officer

    Social media advertiser. Graduate of Cornell University in BS Communication & Tech.

  • Al Merschen

    Marketing Advisor

    Accomplished travel marketer – founded and sold MMGY Global. Experienced partner with demonstrated success in the international tourism marketing industry.

  • Julie Hazimi

    Business Development

    Experienced marketer and business development specialist. Graduate of Indiana University.

  • Albert Pew

    Design Manager

    Graphic designer. Graduate of Universitas Mercu Buana in Indonesia.

  • Serena Mueller


    Experienced education professional with Master from Columbia University; Master of Education from Baruch College & Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from New York University.

  • Beverly Matoney


    Homeschool educator for 20 years who transitioned to homeschool consultant and copywriter. Graduate of American Writers and Artists, Inc.