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Explore the World in Your Kitchen

discover the fun of cooking and learning as a family


Get Started in 4 Simple Steps

choose your adventure
• explore a country
• explore a continent
• explore the world

receive your Explorer Box
• easy instructions
• educational materials
• essential spices & sauces
• fun collectibles

buy your fresh ingredients
• you do you - every family is different.
• shop on YOUR OWN time at the places YOU want to buy ingredients from.

enjoy family time!
• kick off your edible educational journey as a family

WHY eat2explore?

Quality Family Time • Global Education • Culinary Adventures • Flexible Timing • Memorable Gift • Joy in the Kitchen

How it works

What’s in the Box?

Explore the 3Cs - Country, Culture, & Cuisine

Dietary Restrictions? Don't Worry

See Our Families Reactions

- Pilar Vergara -

" We received our box from eat2explore - my husband who loves to cook international food, got excited and said that he would cook with the kids....worthy of a 5 star restaurant 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟! "

- Malia Vago -

"Finally, an activity siblings can do together that doesn't involve a screen!"

- Karen Ramos -

So excited to explore the world in our kitchen with eat2explore! Our first stop is MEXICO!

- Kyla Cross (12 years old)-

“I loved the layering of flavors and textures in this adaptable recipe! It featured all sorts of veggies without being overridingly herbivorous, and was a fun and easy dish.”  -

- Desiree Chambers -

"My daughter and I had such a great time cooking together as my 13 year old son read the info on Greece! Delicious!! My son wanted more, all 4 of us were impressed!”

- Kat Arriaga -

"I love when one activity can encompass all 4 subjects of social studies, language arts, math and science.”

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