Our Adventures

The Amazing Acai Berry
Acai berries are nutritious and delicious! Let's explore how this berry from the rainforest ended up in our diets!
Brazilwood - The Music Tree That Named A Country
When explorers landed in Brazil, they discovered an amazing tree. Let's find out more!
Sneak Peek - Explore Brazil Lesson Plan!
Here's a sneak preview of our online Explore Brazil lesson plan from your Explorer Toolkit! 
Greeks: Masters of Optical Illusion
Who knew about optical illusions in architecture? The Greeks!
Weird and Wild Weather Folklore
We've collected some awesome weather sayings! How many are new to you?
Eureka! Archimedes Did What?!
Come with us to ancient Greece to marvel at Archimedes and his inventions!
How Ancient Greece Changed The World
The ancient Greek way of life is still around today. Let's find out what we do now they started back then!
Sneak Peek - Explore Greece Lesson Plan!
Here's a sneak preview of our Explore Greece lesson plan included when you try our Greece box. 
Hanami - Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival
Come along as we experience hanami - flower watching - during the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival!
Let's Ring In Spring!
We're getting ready to welcome warmer weather to the Northern Hemisphere. Let's explore some unique ways people ring in spring!
Sneak Peek - explore Kenya Lesson Plan!
Here's a sneak preview of our Explore Kenya lesson plan included when you try our Kenya box. 
All About Panda Bears - And Pandas That Aren't Bears!
When is a panda not a bear? Come find out as we explore China's pandas!
The Chinese Origins Of Tea
How about a warm cup of tea? Let's explore the origins of this delightful brew!
China History: From Ancient Dynasties To Today
Come with us as we explore the exciting history of China through dynasties, inventions, and food!
Sneak Peak - explore China Lesson Plan!
Here's a sneak preview of our Explore China lesson plan included when you try our China box.
What Will The Groundhog Do This Year?
We're all waiting for spring, but how did we decide to watch a groundhog to know how  much longer?
Howdy Partner! It's Cowboy History Time!
Saddle up for a look back into the history of the cowboy and sample some chow from the chuckwagon!
Chocolate Then and Now
Let's explore the amazing history of chocolate and try a sweet and spicy Mexican hot chocolate treat!
Spaghetti: An International Food!
It's National Spaghetti Day...time to explore the history of these delicious noodles and get a bonus recipe!
Strange And Wonderful New Year's Traditions
Let's explore the many ways people ring in the New Year around the world!
Holiday Sweets and Special Treats!
Holidays around the world feature special treats for all! Let's take a sweet and savory tour of holiday foods!