Adventures in the eat2explore kitchen

Food and Fun For Cinco de Mayo!
Come explore the history of Cinco de Mayo and learn about the music and foods of Mexico plus Chihuahua races!
Arbor Day and Amazing Trees!
Explore the beginnings of Arbor Day and how you can celebrate trees! Learn about all the ways we use trees in our everyday lives from oxygen to materials to food to medicines.
National Haiku Day: Let's Create Poetry!
Join us as we explore the history of Haiku, learn more about master poet Matsuo Basho, and celebrate National Haiku day with us!
The Story of Passover and the Seder
Explore the story of Passover and the freedom of the Israelites from Egypt. Learn about the foods on the Seder plate and the four questions asked during the celebration.
All About Grits!
Explore the history of grits! A staple in the Southern USA and around the world, grits have a place on every table. Learn where we get this yummy food!
April is National Move More Month!
Get going and stay active!   As the northern hemisphere begins to shake off winter’s chill, it’s a great time to explore activities that get you moving! April 1st is the kick-off for “Move More Month.” The American Heart Association...
All About Meat Pies!
Savory meat pies have a long history. Let's explore the origins of these delicious dishes!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Explore Irish Cooking and More!
Come explore St. Patrick's Day and all things Irish as we learn about St. Patrick and cook up some traditional Irish cuisine.
How To Use eat2explore In Your Homeschool
Homeschool Learning While Cooking! The eat2explore adventure boxes are the perfect addition to your homeschool! Not only will your kids learn about foods from around the world, but you will also be able to refer to your boxes again and...
How To Use eat2explore Cooking Adventures In Your Homeschool
Discover how easy it is to add international studies to your homeschool experience using the exotic ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes found in every eat2explore box!
National Meatball Day: Get Ready For Yum!
Join us for National Meatball Day and learn the history of this delicious way to use ground meat!
eat2explore Homeschool Convention Tour 2020
The founder of eat2explore, Rowena Scherer, will be showcasing eat2explore at homeschool conventions and conferences all over the US this Spring through end of Summer!
Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!
Follow along as we learn about Dr. Seuss, the man behind Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, and The Grich Who Stole Christmas. You can even make your own version of green eggs and ham!
Leap Year – Why February Gets an Extra Day
Explore the history behind our Leap Year and Leap Day! Find out why an extra day is needed and the math behind it!
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler! The History of Mardi Gras
Come explore the rich history and traditions of Mardi Gras and Carnivale! Learn about the music, parades, and delicious food featured during this celebration of feasting.
Valentine's Day Then and Now!

Explore the history and traditions of Valentine's Day! Learn about candy hearts, secret flower arrangements, and a delicious heart-shaped cookie treat!

Exploring the History of Brazil
Head south to explore the diverse history of Brazil and discover the global influence on this amazing country.
The History of American Football

Explore the history of American football and celebrate the annual championship game with some delicious recipes from eat2explore!


Chinese New Year 2020: The Year of the Rat

Happy Chinese New Year! Let's explore the origins of the Chinese Zodiac as we get ready to celebrate the Year of the Rat!

Chinese New Year: Food, Family, and Fun
Explore the magic of the Chinese New Year celebration to learn about the food, traditions, and excitement of this wonderful welcome to spring.