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Sneak Peak - explore China Lesson Plan!

At eat2explore, we want to make sure you get the most out of your monthly cooking and culture box.

That's why we created lesson plans for each you can expand your exploration!

A Week of Out-Of-The-Box Adventures!

the great wall of china

This month we feature China.

When you choose to eat2explore China, you get access to our free Explore China in a Week lesson plan.

What's In This Month's Featured Lesson Plan?

Each day highlights a different subject and has an idea or prompt to help you and your family explore more.

What adventures will you and your family have this month?

⛰️ Geography

Did you know China is home to the world's largest shifting sand desert? Oh, and also one of the largest building projects ever undertaken. Can you guess which one?

And speaking of shifting sand, we've included a link to a science experiment so you can create your very own seismograph!

📚 Language Arts and Literature

Did you know the Chinese language has over 50,000 characters? We found some fun Chinese language games you can play.

Discover who gifted us with some 2500-year-old sayings that still apply today. You can even write your own!

🏺 History

Meet the dynasty that gave China its name, and then meet the emperor with an army of soldiers who don't move.

How is that possible?

🎉 Social and Cultural Studies

We've included a list of fun holidays and festivals you can mark on your calendar to celebrate all year!

Also, did you know that 92% of people in China can trace their ancestry back to a single dynasty?

🎨 Art and 🎵 Music

Explore the many facets of Chinese art including a beautiful form of artistic writing still used today!

Then click the links to play some authentic Chinese music while you cook the awesome meals found in the eat2explore China box.

Enjoy Our Featured Box Of The Month...Today!

We take you around the world with cuisine and culture so you can eat2explore!





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