Sneak Peek - Explore South Korea in a Week!

Sneak Peek - Explore South Korea in a Week!

At eat2explore, we want to make sure you get the most out of your monthly cooking and culture box.

That's why we created lesson plans for each you can expand your exploration!

A Week of Out-Of-The-Box Adventures!

map of south korea

This month we feature South Korea.

When you choose to eat2explore South Korea, you get access to our free Explore South Korea in a Week digital lesson plan.

What's In This Month's Featured Lesson Plan?

Each day highlights a different subject and has an idea or prompt to help you and your family explore more.

What adventures will you and your family have this month?

⛰️ Geography

Check out the largest lava tube in the world! How was it formed? And what creatures live there?

You can make your own version of the lava tube features right in your kitchen!

📚 Language Arts and Literature

What script did Koreans use to write before their alphabet was invented? Spell your name in the Hangul alphabet!

Read the story of how the rabbit ended up on the moon.

🏺 History

Follow the three kingdoms as they formed ancient Korea, then hang on as we unravel the history from there!

What 600-year-old structure still surrounds Seoul and how was it built?

🎉 Social and Cultural Studies

We've included a list of fun holidays and festivals you can mark on your calendar to celebrate all year!

Find out more about the traditional clothing of South Korea called hanbok.

🎨 Art and 🎵 Music

A lot of South Korean art can be found in its stunning temples. Other forms of art include paintings and terra cotta sculptures. Try your hand at creating a traditional fan!

Then click the links to play some authentic music from South Korea while you cook the awesome meals found in the eat2explore South Korea box.
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