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Sneak Peek - Explore Singapore Lesson Plan!

At eat2explore, we want to make sure you get the most out of your monthly cooking and culture box.

That's why we created lesson plans for each you can expand your exploration!

A Week of Out-Of-The-Box Adventures!

map of singapore
This month we feature Singapore.


When you choose to eat2explore Singapore, you get access to our free Explore Singapore in a Week digital lesson plan.

What's In This Month's Featured Lesson Plan?

Each day highlights a different subject and has an idea or prompt to help you and your family explore more.

What adventures will you and your family have this month?

⛰️ Geography

How does this island nation get fresh water?

Try your hand at turning salt water into fresh water!

📚 Language Arts and Literature

How many different languages influence Singapore culture?

Read how the individual islands got their names.

🏺 History

Explore the history of Singapore and its varied cultures and how they all influenced the world.

What is a merlion?

🎉 Social and Cultural Studies

We've included a list of fun holidays and festivals you can mark on your calendar to celebrate all year!

Learn how the surrounding Asian cultures all had a hand in influencing modern Singapore.

🎨 Art and 🎵 Music

Explore moments in Singapore art and explore art in its architecture..

Then click the links to play some authentic music from Singapore while you cook the awesome meals found in the eat2explore Singapore box.

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Our second month with eat2explore and it just keeps getting better. The recipes are just so user friendly and delicious one cannot help but enjoy them. The Singapore Soy chicken rice with kai-lan received a 9/10 rating from our girls. Not sure what a 10/10 is gonna be. : ) Thanks for all the effort put into these boxes.


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