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Sneak Peek - Explore India Lesson Plan!

At eat2explore, we want to make sure you get the most out of your monthly cooking and culture box.

That's why we created lesson plans for each you can expand your exploration!

A Week of Out-Of-The-Box Adventures!

Map of India

This month we feature India.

When you choose to eat2explore India, you get access to our free Explore India in a Week digital lesson plan.

What's In This Month's Featured Lesson Plan?

Each day highlights a different subject and has an idea or prompt to help you and your family explore more.

What adventures will you and your family have this month?



⛰️ Geography

Take a virtual tour of some of India's most intriguing landmarks including Krishna's Butter Ball and the world's largest floating national park!

Create a balance scale like the early traders in India to measure your own version of trade goods.

📚 Language Arts and Literature

Write your name in the Devangari script.

Then read one of the fun Akbar stories. India's folklore is some of the oldest in the world! We've included a selection of awesome tales to read.

🏺 History

Explore the long history of India and its people in the Indus Valley.

It's considered one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Who built the Taj Mahal and why? 

🎉 Social and Cultural Studies

We've included a list of fun holidays and festivals you can mark on your calendar to celebrate all year!

Choose someone from India and read their biography! You can begin with Ghandi, Buddha, the mathematician Aryabhata or someone else on our list!

🎨 Art and 🎵 Music

Explore the four eras of Indian art and visit the wonders of the Ajanta Caves.

Then click the links to play some authentic music from India while you cook the awesome meals found in the eat2explore India box. 

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