April is National Move More Month!

April is National Move More Month!

Get going and stay active!


As the northern hemisphere begins to shake off winter’s chill, it’s a great time to explore activities that get you moving!

April 1st is the kick-off for “Move More Month.”

The American Heart Association started National Walking Day, scheduled for the first day of April in 2007. In 2016 it switched to the first Wednesday in April and lasted for four weeks, occasionally spilling over into May.

April of 2019 was declared as Move More Month, and it’s all about getting and staying active!

Physical fitness-good for the body and the mind

The importance of keeping active is not a new idea. Cicero, a Roman philosopher who lived way back-106-43 BC to be exact, said, “It is exercise alone that supports the spirit, and keeps the mind in vigor.” What did he mean by that?

 Cicero statue

Here's a statue of Cicero. Doesn't it look like he's having fun moving?

When you get to feeling blue ☹ or anxious, a few minutes of exercise, movement, jumping around like a monkey, or dancing will brighten your mood… fast! Can you imagine being bummed out while dancing the Macarena? Or being worried as you see just how high you can jump?

 heart and brain dancing together

There’s another neat thing that happens when you get your body moving. You start breathing deeper. Your heart-rate begins to speed up, pumping more of that oxygen-rich blood to your muscles…and to your brain! Your brain wakes up, right along with the rest of you.

Does that mean you have to train like an Olympic athlete?


Gymnast training for Olympics

Well, unless you are an Olympic athlete. Then you, kind of, have to train for hours every day.

 If you’re not, then something as simple as walking, or dancing, or skipping is a great way to get moving.

As your body grows, being active helps your muscles and bones stay healthy, too.

Because, here’s a secret, a little bit of exercise every day ends up going a long way. It just makes you feel good all over!

But…it could be yucky outside

Remember the saying “April showers bring May flowers”

While it is true, spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere, April does tend to be a bit soggy. Which is good for all the trees, and flowers, and vegetables. But it does make staying inside seem to be a better, and drier, idea.

That doesn’t mean that you have to be glued to a chair all day though.

There are lots of ways to be active, even when it’s soggy outside.

  • Games like Twister and Simon Says will get you moving.

child's hands on Twister game

  • Play Hopscotch, using tape to mark out the squares.

hopscotch game

  • Learn how to dance by finding instructional videos, or find some music that’s fun and make up your own dance moves.
  • Living rooms or bedrooms can become obstacle courses.
  • Blow up a balloon and try to keep it from hitting the floor using your hands, feet, even your head to bounce it up. How about a game of indoor volley ball with it?
  • Set up a treasure hunt by hiding things for everyone to find.

vintage treasure hunting equipment with the word treasure spelled out in blocks

  • Need to help mom or dad clean up? That counts too.

When it’s not soggy out and you can go outside to soak up some sunshine, you can do all that and more!

  • Go for a walk…or a ride…and see how many plants and bugs you can name.
  • Play a game of Eye Spy while you’re out and about-you pick something, say a flower, and say “I spy…” Then describe what you’re looking at without saying what it is. Everyone gets to guess what you’re describing.
  • Fly a kite, kick a ball, have a race, jump some rope.

boy flying kite in field

  • Pretend you’re on a safari…How many exotic animals can you think of? Bette yet, how many animals can you pretend to be?

Your activities, inside or out, are only limited by your imagination. The more you explore the world around you, the more you grow inside and out!

When you finish your fun, you'll probably be hungry! Of course, that's the perfect time for a delicious recipe from eat2explore. Pick your adventure and have fun!


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