our inspiration

eat2explore was founded by working mothers who not only have a passion for cooking, but a desire to empower children with life skills and worldwide perspectives.

Rowena, the founder, grew up in the kitchen - assisting, experimenting, and exploring. She not only developed wonderful memories, but invaluable life skills. She had always intended to pass this along to her children, but raising a family in the 21st Century meant crowded schedules, shifting priorities and shorter days with two working parents. In 2016, she got frustration with her children’s screen time as well as their limited cooking ability. She realized she needed to turn a personal #parentingfail into a #parentingwin. She quit her job and created a product that would provide her children – and other busy families –the opportunity to bond and grow together through cooking.

our inspiration

many paths, one thing in common: we love cooking with our kids! Now we want to spread the word about family bonding through cooking!

Rowena Scherer

Founder, President, Co-chef

accomplished financial executive & graduate of The French Culinary Institute, NYC. Loves to cook, 2 kids!

Tinka Shaw

Business Development

accomplished fashion executive, now entrepreneur. Greenfield Ice Cream had 200+ outlets (Whole Foods Market, Fairway Markets & local stores). Loves to cook, 4 kids!

Kira Kohrherr

Marketing Consultant

hospitality industry veteran and seasoned marketing executive. Loves to cook,1 kid!

Adelaide Mueller

Culinary Consultant

French Culinary Institute trained chef, recipe tester/developer, cooking instructor, food stylist. Loves to cook, 2 kids!