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Ready to transform your home kitchen into an interactive classroom?

Start your family’s edible education journey using this guide as your resource to create fun, memorable teaching moments with your child.

Here’s what you’ll find inside!


Country Brochure
This informational exploration guide will teach your budding chef about the culture, history, and food traditions of the country you’re exploring. From popular ingredients to unique wildlife that live there, the country brochure sets the stage for young explorers as they set out on their kitchen adventure
Track your culinary journey around the world with your eat2explore passport, using the unique sticker included in your box to mark the countries your family explores. Celebrate your kitchen adventures with the explorer flag pin, as well as a fun cooking tool that will come in handy for all of your culinary explorations. The eat2explore apron and recipe binder are available separately.
Shopping list
Picking up the ingredients for your family’s cooking experience presents dozens of teachable moments! Whether at the grocery store or farmers market, use your shopping list to explore the different food groups and discover fun facts about the ingredients you’ll be exploring.
3 Recipe Cards
Head to the kitchen with your 3 eat2explore recipe cards for a delicious culinary adventure. Filled with fun and engaging teaching points about the ingredients and food traditions of the country, your young chef will explore the 3Cs - country, culture, and cuisine - on their journey to prepare a nourishing meal the whole family will enjoy!
Essential spice/sauce/ grain mixes
Transform your dining experience with our essential sauces and spice mixes, crafted specially for the recipes you’ll be creating. Each box contains the unique seasonings that you will need on your journey to mealtime, allowing your family to try a new cuisine without buying excess bottles of spices and sauces! Our sauce and spice mix recipes are curated for and tested by kids and adults alike.
Interactive Activity Sheet
Educational puzzles, math problems, and thematic quizzes await in this fun, interactive activity sheet to help parents cook up memorable teaching moments in the kitchen.